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TtW13 Press, Reviews and Reactions

Press Coverage of TtW13

NEW! Paul Miller, The Verge | I'm still here: back online after a year without the internet

Brendan O'Connor, Betabeat | Theorizing The Web: Data Serfs vs. Data Lords and Free Speech vs. Banning Reddit

Adrian Chen | Why Theorizing The Web Matters

Dorothy Santos, Creative Applications | Considering Virtuality: Theorizing the Web 2013

Olivia Rosane, THE STATE | Theorizing the Web, IRL

TtW13 Participant Reviews and Reactions

Jessie Daniels | Academic Conferences in the Digital Era

Jeffrey Keefer | Making Sense of Theorizing the Web 2013 #TtW13

Shane Tilton | "Infostructure of Knowledge" Response for #TtW13

St├ęphane Vial | Surveillance and Digital Dualism: A Reflection on Theorizing the Web (#TtW13)

Note: This list is constantly updated. Come back for new reviews or send us yours at theorizingtheweb@gmail.com