Friday 8 April

6:30PM ET Social Event

Saturday 9 April

8:00AM ET Registration Opens

9:00AM–9:15AM ET Opening Remarks

george ritzer,

9:30AM–10:45AM ET Session 1

Questioning Agency and Structure Online

andrew hare
The YouTube War: Wikileaks, Warfare and The New Digital Politck
d. yvette wohn
Sam Han
The Digital Milieu of Online Christianity: The Folding of Religious Experience into Sociality
tom geary
Electracy and Digital Agency: How Attainable Are They?

The New Economies of the Web

Joseph Waggle
ashlee humphreys
The Construction of Value in Attention Economies
Han-Teng Liao
Keyword Economy of the Web: Seeking Order in Open Linguistic Materials
Piergiorgio Degli Esposti
Information overload and size paradox

“Like!” ;) – Affect Online

zach richer
Lisa Sanders
Computer Mediated Communication and Emotional Effervescence
tamara peyton
From emotion to action: The ontological politics of the ‘like’ button
meghan rosatelli
Digital Emotions: An approachable approach
Andrea Baker
Comparing Online Communities: Norms, Structures and Processes of Two Groups of Music Fans

Workshop: Social Media & Feminist Activism

Posters Presentations by students of WMST 488A: Feminist Social Media Activism
katie king, jarah moesch,

11:00AM–12:15PM ET Session 2


jessica vitak
stephanie vineyard
Technology and Social Capital: How new media tools give opportunities to women
nick violi
Motivation for Participation in Online Neighborhood Watch Communities
Sara Martucci
'The Most Important Day of Your Life:’ Friendship and support on an online wedding forum
ishani mukherjee
My husband doesn't know I'm blogging: In Search of Safe Spaces Online

all ur informations iz belongs to facebook

Tyler Crabb
anthony hoffmann
Me, not mine: Facebook, ontic informational beings, and the problem with information as property
stephen lilley
Facebook Members’ Complicity with Commercial Transparency
jason treit
Privacy and Possessive Language in the Interpersonal Commons


Nathan Jurgenson
Bonnie Stewart
The Branded Self: Cyborg Subjectivity in Social Media
David A. Banks
Practical Cyborg Theory: Discovering a Metric for the Emancipatory Potential of Technology
stephanie laudone
Constructing and Regulating Sexuality on Facebook
michael schandorf
Mediated Gesture Of The Distributed Body

Augmented Engagement – Global Politics by Digital Means

Sunny Moraine
Julia Schroeder
A Cultural Sociology of Technological Risk and Cyber Terrorism
louis sagnières
The Internet and the rise of a transnational public space
Joseph Obi
Cyberspace, Place Polygamy, and the Distributed Self: An African Viewpoint
miles townes
The Spread of TCP/IP and the Political Origins of the Internet

Cyber-Racism, Race & Social Media

Jessie Daniels
Stephanie Greenlea
Blogging for Justice: Black Technophilia and the Vitality of Black Activism in the Jena Six Case
jillet sam
Caste Endogamy on the Internet: Spatial Considerations
Daniel Greene
Among 'Friends': Comparing Social Networking Functions in the Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Afro-American in 1904 and 1933
Jessie Daniels
Theorizing Race & Racism in Internet Studies

12:30PM–1:15PM ET Plenary Address I

Digital Formations of the Powerful and the Powerless

saskia sassen,

1:15PM–2:30PM ET Lunch

3:30PM–4:45PM ET Session 3

Wiki-Knowledge – Populist Epistemologies from the Web

William Yagatich
katy pearce
‘I don’t use the Internet. I just use social networking sites and download content onto my phone.’ Defining the Internet: Perspectives from mobile-only Internet users in Armenia
ayelet oz
The Legal Consciousness of Wikipedia
kyle reinson
Buying the experts when the expertise is free: Contemporary (mass) media consciousness and the knowledge economy in the Web era of post-expertise
sally applin
co-authored by Michael D. Fischer
Humans and Knowledge: Making it in the Web 2.0 World

Augmented Encounters: Sex and Sexuality in the Age of Social Media

katie king
Nicholas Boston
The Amorous Migrant: Race, Relationships and Resettlement through Cyberspace
anastasia salter
#DearJohn, Don't be a Dickwolf; or, A Rape in Twitterspace
jarah moesch
Queer Profiles: embodying the (computer) code
alecea standlee
Technologies of Relationships: Meaning Making in the Techno-Organic Social World of College Students

Augmented Reality – The Implosion of Atoms and Bits

David A. Banks
Sang-hyoun Pahk
Restaurant 2.0: bringing online sociality to the streets
kent xili deng
Bridging Reality and Virtuality – Trust as a force that joins online and offline world
daniel susser
From Telephones to Smellophones: Place and its Role in Electronically Mediated Communication
raz schwartz
I’m the Mayor here! Place Attachment and the Personalized Physical Place

Poets and Scribes – Constructing Fact and Fiction on Social Media

pj rey
david zweig
Fiction Depersonalization Syndrome
dwight hunter
Why is Deception Utilized in Online Dating Profiles?
jorge ballinas
Facebook Negotiation
Jenny Davis
Beyond the popularity Contest: Constructions of Exclusivity on Facebook

Revolution 2.0? The Role of the Internet in the Uprisings from Tahrir Square and Beyond

amanda french

5:00PM–6:15PM ET Session 4

The Rise of the Prosumer

ashlee humphreys
jake landis
Phases in the Crowd: How Traditional Media Outlets Can Best Use Crowdsourced Data
EunRyung Chong
Globalization and Web 2.0 in the Network Society
jonathan albright
Participatory Mediation: audiences as meta-cast filters for online news content
Chetan Chawla
Unweaving the Web: Prosumption as Strategy – The Case of User Generated Content

Street Art, the Web, and the Digital City – A Conversation

martin irvine,

6:30PM–7:45AM ET Keynote

Privacy, Publicity Intertwined

Nathan Jurgenson
danah boyd,

8:00PM–9:00PM ET Reception

9:00PM ET Afterparty