Friday 13 April

2:30PM–3:30PM ET Lunch

7:00PM–9:00PM ET Happy Hour

Saturday 14 April

8:00AM ET Registration Opens

9:00AM–9:30AM ET Opening Remarks

9:45AM–11:15AM ET Session 1

Room B #b1

Manufacturing Dissent? Technology and Protest

Sunny Moraine
kira jumet
Social Media: A Force for Political Change in Egypt
hadi khoshnevis
Web as a Platform for the Global Moral Brain: A Case Study of Iran
paola ricaurte
Mexican cyberactivism: the power of the new digital intelligentsia
murilo machado
Hacktivism and Anonymous: symbol of resistence in society of control
Room C #c1

Technologies of Identity

rachel guo
matthew morrison
Queering Intimacy: Class, Coupling, and the Internet in Gay Life
Alice Marwick
Pinning Down Identity: Consumer Goods and Digital Consumption
kelsey brannan
Grindr: Networking and Geolocating 'Sexiness'
Room D #d1

Augmented Reality: Intersecting Atoms & Bits

jillet sam
james witte
Synthesizing the Analog and Digital
randy lynn
Actor, Medium, Setting: Integrating Online and Offline
sally applin
co-authored by Michael D. Fischer
PolySocial Reality: Augmentation and Experience
Jeremy Antley
Charting the Waves of Augmentation: Textual Dualism & Augmented Reality in the Russian Empire

11:30AM–1:00PM ET Session 2

Room B #b2

Revolution, Now What?

Sunny Moraine
Room C #c2

Logging Off and Disconnection

dan greene
Jenny Davis
Diagnosing Technological Ambivalence
jessica roberts
co-authored by michael koliska
The Effects of Ambient Media: What Unplugging Reveals About Being Plugged In
Laura Portwood-Stacer
Theorizing Social Media Refusal: Conspicuous Non-Consumption and Conscientious Objection
jessica vitak
Protecting Face: Managing Privacy and Context Collapse in the Facebook Age
Room D #d2

The Politics of Design

Kari Kraus
katie shilton
co-authored by James Neal
Theorizing Future Internet Architectures: Values in the Design of Named Data Networking
jarah moesch
Queer Ghosts in the Machine: the mechanics of networked anonymity in the Tor Project
aleena chia
Google's Mind of God

1:00PM–2:30PM ET Lunch

2:00PM–2:30PM ET Film Screening

Room A

Over & Out

Over & Out,

2:30PM–4:00PM ET Session 3

Room B #b3

Whose Knowledge? Whose Web?

zach richer
emily lawrence
Epistemic Privilege and the Reification of Natural Kinds in the Radical Feminist Blogosphere
Piergiorgio Degli Esposti
Social Capital and Forms of Inclusion/Exclusion in the Process of Consumption
andrew famiglietti
In Fork We Trust: Why Technologically Empowered Individuals Can't Guarantee Media Diversity
Room C #c3


Rob Horning
Facebook as the "Projective City
sam ladner
Digital Time: the technological transformation of the calendar
aimée morrison
The affordance of Facebook: autobiography and the changing status update field
jordan frith
The check-in as marker and mnemonic device: Theorizing how Foursquare use impacts self-presentation and self-documentation
Room D #d3

Theorizing the Mobile Web

bridgette hendrix
Jason Farman
The Materiality of the Mobile Internet: An Object-Oriented Approach to Mobile Networks
katy pearce
Is your Web everyone's Web? Theorizing the web through the lens of the device divide
jim thatcher
Mobile Geo-Spatial Devices: a theoretical approach to the GeoWeb
David A. Banks
Finding it 'Otherwise': Culturally and Geographically Situating The Practice of Texting
Room E #e3

Theory Meets Art

jeremy pesner
cliff evans
Photomontage, Appropriation, and Digital Culture
alberto gaitán
Çeci n'est pas GIGO: An infovore's dilemma
krista caballero
Ecotone: transitional zones of emergency

4:15PM–6:00PM ET Session 4

Room A #a3


Nathan Jurgenson
andy carvin, Zeynep Tufekçi,

6:00PM ET Dinner & Afterparty