keynote panelists

André Brock
(@DocDre) is a critical cultural researcher, studying racial and ethnic representations in games, new media, and internet culture.
Emma Caterine
(@EmmaCaterine) is the social media coordinator for NYC Socialist Feminists and blogs at Habeas Quaestus. When she’s not on Twitter she enjoys going after banks, debt collectors, and other financial creeps in the courts.
Kate Crawford
(@katecrawford) is a Distinguished Research Professor at NYU, the co-founder of the AI Now Institute, and a Principal Researcher at MSR. For the last decade she has studied the political and social implications of large scale data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
Melissa Gira Grant
(@melissagira) (she/her) is a senior staff reporter covering criminal justice at The Appeal and the author of Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work (Verso). She has been a contributing writer at the Village Voice and Pacific Standard, and her work has also appeared in the Guardian, the New York Times, BuzzFeed News, the New York Review of Books, and the Nation, among others. Her essays are collected in Best Sex Writing, The Feminist Utopia Project, and Where Freedom Starts: Sex Power Violence #MeToo. She lives in New York.
Hawk Kinkaid
(@hawkkinkaid) is the founder and current president of HOOK ONLINE, an advocacy group for men in the sex industry. Kinkaid is a former sex worker, current writer/spoken word artist, and lifelong harm reduction activist. Recently, he became the first COO for
Winter Mason
(@winteram) is a data scientist at Facebook and currently on leave from Stevens Institute of Technology.
Lisa Nakamura
(@lnakamur) Professor of Screen Arts and Cultures and American Cultures at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is the author of Digitizing Race: Visual Cultures of the Internet, Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity and Identity on the Internet and co-editor of Race in Cyberspace and Race After the Internet. She is writing a new monograph on social inequality in digital media culture, entitled "Workers Without Bodies: Towards a Theory of Race and Digital Labor."
Latoya Peterson
(@LatoyaPeterson) is owner and editor of Racialicious and a John S. Knight Journalism 2012-2013 Fellow at Stanford University focusing on mobile technology and digital access.
N’jaila Rhee
(@BlasianBytch) is the co-host of TWIB After Dark, a journalist, and a BBW adult web model and PSO. Situated at the intersection of nerd culture, identity politics, and sexual revolution, she has become an expert at navigating difficult digital spaces. Her blog,, celebrates and explores sexuality from a Black/Asian perspective.
Ayesha Siddiqi
(@pushinghoops) is a culture critic and the editor in chief of The New Inquiry. She writes on intersections of race, gender, class, and pop culture using American icons to discuss the production and maintenance of social values.
(@stoya) is an adult film performer and writer. She is also involved with the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, which advocates for better education and working conditions for adult performers.
Janet A. Vertesi
(@cyberlyra) is a sociologist of science and technology at Princeton University, where I am an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Dekeytment.
Jenna Wortham
(@jennydeluxe) is a staff writer for The New York Times Magazine, among other things.
Zeynep Tufekçi
(@zeynep) is an associate professor at the University of North Carolina, Faculty associate at Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, and contributing opinion writer at The New York Times. Her new book Twitter and Tear Gas comes out this year from Yale University Press. She has been to every Theorizing the Web conference


Ana Cecilia Alvarez
(@_llorona) is a writer living in Brooklyn. She is the online editor for Adult Magazine. Her words on art and feminism have appeared in The New Inquiry, Dazed, and Rhizome.
Nadav Assor
(@nadassor) is a hybrid media artist, creating embodied, lo-fi interpretations of military-industrial systems used to see, map, and relate to our surroundings, and to each other. He currently works on a series of projects investigating drones and religion, and teaches Expanded Media Art at Connecticut College, CT.
Sand Avidar-Walzer
(@SandAvidar) is an ABD graduate student working at the intersection of ethics, sexuality, and identity. He lives in New York City.
Alison Bennett
(@bennett_alison) is an artist working in photography and digital media based at the Deakin Motion.Lab.
Sebastian Benthall
(@sbenthall) is a cognitive scientist turned open source geo-developer turned PM turned PhD student at UC Berkeley School of Information.
Megan Bigelow
(@meganbigelow) is a queer visual artist pursuing her MA in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is interested in aesthetics, collectives, and new media. Her published work and artwork has appeared in the Fembot Collective’s journal Ada and Interface: a journal for and about social movements. She lives in New York City.
Rachel Binx
(@rachelbinx) co-founded Gifpop and Meshu, and is generally a fan of turning personal data into physical objects.
Amanda Brennan
(@continuants) is a librarian on the Community and Content team at Tumblr where she actively studies the network's trends and culture.
James Bridle
(@jamesbridle) is a writer, artist and publisher usually found in London, UK. His work can be found at
Willow Brugh
(@willowbl00) is being socially compulsive at the intersections of technical, visual, and response.
Anne Burns
(@AnneLBurns) is a makeover photographer-turned PhD student who examines online practices of gender discipline in connection to women’s photographs.
Lauren Burr
(@burrlauren) is a PhD candidate in the English Department at the University of Waterloo, studying and creating critical locative and pervasive media. She has been published in Hyperrhiz and First Person Scholar, and she has an article forthcoming in Digital Studies. Lauren conducts her research with both the Critical Media Lab and The Games Institute.
Dara Byrne
studies online discourse in variety of contexts; is currently reading, writing, teaching and learning about race, crime, and digilante justice.
Caroline O’Donovan
(@ceodonovan) is a staff writer and reporter at Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab, where she covers media, technology and the future of the news business.
Angela Chen
(@chengela) is a Wall Street Journal corporate reporter with a special interest in technology, and an editor at The Morning News. She's also worked at Guernica Magazine and The New Inquiry.
John Cheney-Lippold
is a professor of American Culture at the University of Michigan.
Matthew Clair
(@mathuclair) is a PhD student in sociology at Harvard University.
Thomas Conner
(@thesonginmyhead) is just another journalist rebooting himself in academia. After 20 years as a pop music critic, most recently at the Chicago Sun-Times, he's now a Ph.D. student at sunny UC-San Diego.
Michael Connor
(@michael_connor) is Rhizome's Artistic Director. He has curated exhibitions and projects for Yarat, Baku, Cornerhouse, Manchester, the Museum of Moving Image, New York, ACMI, Melbourne, Bell Lightbox, Toronto, FACT, Liverpool, MocaTV, and BFI, London. His writing has appeared in 'You Are Here: Art After the Internet' (Cornerhouse), Digital Video Abstraction (UCPress), ArtAsiaPacific, and
Molly Crabapple
(@mollycrabapple) Molly Crabapple is an artist, VICE contributing editor, and author of the forthcoming memoir DRAWING BLOOD.
Mathias Crawford
(@mfcrawford) is a Graduate Fellow and PhD Candidate in the Department of Communication at Stanford University, where he also teaches game design at the
Alyce Currier
(@notalyce) is content strategist at Wistia, helping make video more accessible to everyone. She's interested in the sociology of media and taste, feminism, overthinking and tweaking the Internet, inclusive revelry, and DJing house and techno.
Chris Dancy
(@chrisdancy) is a mindful cyborg, contemplative platform designer, artist, philosopher.
Ian M. Dawson
(@ianmdawson) is an absurdist economist, retired siphon barista. Currently based in San Francisco.
Deanna Day
(@deannaday) is a historian and consultant who works in the areas of medical technology and women’s health.
Andrew Dever
(@andrewdever) makes apps, research users and continues to be fascinated with our relationship to the Internet.
Peter Dobey
(@peterdobey) is an artist and psychoanalyst. As staff writer for San Francisco Arts Quarterly he has been writing about the relationship between tech and how it affects thought.
Elizabeth Saldaña
(@esaldana) is a senior earning her BA in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration at Yale, and her research interests are on the use of social media in activism in the US and South Asia.
Luke Fernandez
(@luke_fernandez) is Manager of Program and Technology Development and Visiting Professor of Computer Science at Weber State University.
Sands Fish
(@sandsfish) is a researcher and fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Research Affiliate at the MIT Media Lab’s Center for Civic Media. He is a computational artist and data scientist focused on discourse and power structures in new media.
Nathan Fisk
(@nwfisk) studies youth, technology, and Internet safety at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute.
R. Stuart Geiger
(@staeiou) is an ethnographer and postdoc at the Berkeley Institute of Data Science at UC-Berkeley, where he studies the social, cultural, computational, and institutional dimensions of knowledge production. He publishes in the fields of science and technology studies, communication and new media, computer-supported cooperative work, and organizational studies.
Kevin Geyer
(@kevgeyer) is a graduate student in Northeastern University's Sociology & Anthropology Department, where he studies virtual communities and gender.
Julian Gill-Peterson
(@gpjulian) is a PhD candidate in American Studies at Rutgers University and editor of "The Child Now," a forthcoming special issue of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies.
Leigh-Anne Goins
(@kathryn_leigh) is a Doctoral Candidate in the department of Sociology at Michigan State University. She specializes in Black feminisms, Intersectionality, Race and Post-Racialism, New Media, and Social Citizenship.
Catherine Goodfellow
(@CatG138) is a student of Russian youth culture and counterculture, currently engaged in doctoral research about Russian videogaming communities and cultural conflict in EVE Online.
Lesley Gourlay
(@lesleygourlay) is a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Literacies in the Department of Culture, Communication and Media, Institute of Education, University of London.
Karen Gregory
(@claudiakincaid), PhD is the Title V Lecturer in Sociology at the Center for Worker Education/Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the City College of New York.
Benjamin Grosser
(@bengrosser) is an artist who explores the cultural, social, and political implications of software. His artworks have been featured in The Atlantic, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel, and exhibited at Eyebeam in NYC, The White Building in London, and Museum Ludwig in Cologne. Grosser’s recognitions include First Prize in VIDA 16, and a Net Art Grant from Rhizome.
Malcolm Harris
(@BigMeanInternet) is the author of Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials from Little, Brown and a freelance writer based in Philadelphia.
Justus Harris
(@therealjustus) is a performance artist exploring mediated intimacy across generations. He holds a BA in Visual & Critical Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), exhibiting nationally and internationally, most recently at Lone Star Explosion: Houston International Performance Art Biennale, TX as well as leading geolocation and performance workshops at the DEFIBRILLATOR (dfb) Gallery in Chicago, IL.
Mél Hogan
(@TechnoTrashed) is an environmental media scholar and designer.
Faith Holland
(@asugarhigh) is an artist and curator whose practice focuses on gender and sexuality’s relationship to technology. She shows her work with Transfer Gallery (New York) and teaches in the Department of Digital Art at Pratt Institute. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning and Harvestworks.
Rob Horning
(@robhorning) is an editor of Real Life magazine.
Lucy Hunter
is pursuing a Ph.D. in art history at Yale University, where she studies machinery from the Industrial Revolution through the Cold War.
Tim Hwang
(@timhwang) is Editor-in-Chief of the California Review of Images and Mark Zuckerberg, a scholarly journal investigating the visual culture of Mark Zuckerberg. His research currently focuses on the semiconductor supply chains producing specialized machine learning hardware, and its geopolitical consequences.
Donald W. Taylor II
(@donaldtaylorii) is a graduate student in economic history at the University of Maryland.
Carla Ilten
is a PhD student in Sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, researching technological and economic activism--online, offline, and both in interaction.
Sarah Jaffray
(@artphilled) is a London-based art historian fascinated with human geography, devoted to the notion that art causes revolutions and eternally in love/hate with French philosophy.
Poe Johnson
(@TaoofPoe) is a PhD Candidate in Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas. He studies the intersection of the mediated black body and fandom.
Michelle Johnson
(@MJohnson_Ling) is working on her PhD at the CUNY Graduate Center, researching how emergent bilingual adolescents use digital technology for communication.
Ryan Johnson
(@queerslime) lives in Columbus, OH where he is an internet based artist and student at Ohio State University working on completing his BA in Comparative Studies with a concentration in Folklore.
Chris Johnson-Robertson
(@chris__jr) is a Ph.D student in ethnomusicology at Brown University. They study the mediated and embodied practices of queer artists of color.
Daniel Joseph
(@DanjoKaz00ie) is post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, lecturer, and freelance journalist. He holds a PhD in Communication and Culture from Ryerson University and York University. His research investigates the concentration, monopolization, and diversity of game and app developers, publishers, and platforms. He has bylines in Real Life Magazine, Motherboard, Jacobin Magazine, and the Literary Review of Canada.
Molly Kalan
(@mollykalan) is an independent researcher with a background in media studies and multimedia production. Her research focuses on memorialization and expression of grief online, and she is interested in collective memory and online identity.
Mathias Klang
(@klangable) explores the ways in which technology regulates us and the ways in which we attempt to control technology. In particular he is fascinated with how technology impacts our rights.
Aaron Knochel
(@artisteducator) is the Graduate Coordinator of Art Education at the State University of New York at New Paltz. His research focuses on the intersections between art education, social theory, and media literacy.
Cameron Kunzelman
(@ckunzelman) is an independent game developer and a graduate student in Moving Image Studies at Georgia State University.
Laura Norén
(@digitalFlaneuse) is a Moore-Sloan Research Scientist in the Center for Data Science at New York University where is is the resident ethnographer. Her research looks at the impact of data-driven and computational science practices on organizational dynamics and sociotechnical practices.
Alex Leavitt
(@alexleavitt) is a PhD student at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, where he studies social media at the intersection of ethnography and computational social science.
Karen Levy
(@karen_ec_levy) is an assistant professor of Information Science at Cornell University and associated faculty at Cornell Law School. She researches how law and technology interact to regulate social life, with particular focus on social and organizational aspects of surveillance.
Rebecca Lieberman
(@the_log_lady) is a interdisciplinary artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She works across a range of disciplines and materials, most recently videos, artist books and net-based work. Her current project visually similar imgs explores the poetics of search.
Steven Losco
(@godislobster) is an anthropologist of science, technology, and medicine studying at Drexel University for his Master’s of Science in STS. There he studies HIV/AIDS stigma on gay and bisexual hookup apps and the various facets of Tumblr. Steven seeks to enter an Interdisciplinary/Anthropology program for Fall ’16.
Anne Luther
is a PhD candidate at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and research scholar at Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, New York whose work examines qualitative data visualization alongside art collecting and art production processes in contemporary culture.
R. Lyon
(@irlyon) is a New York based artist working in the humanist tradition to investigate cybernetics, and the aesthetic influence of unconscious machines.
Nora Madison
(@gendergeek) is a Doctoral Candidate in Communication, Culture & Media at Drexel University.
Alice Marwick
(@alicetiara) is an assistant professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University and the author of Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity and Branding in the Social Media Age.
Adrienne Massanari
(@hegemonyrules) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Nathan Matias
(@natematias) collaborates on technology, research, and communities which empower people to become more creative, more effective, and more informed. He's a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media and a fellow at the Berkman Center at Harvard.
Susan Matt
(@alongingforhome) is Professor and Chair of the History Department at Weber State University, and author of Homesickness: An American History and Keeping Up with the Joneses: Envy in American Consumer Society, 1890-1930.
Maggie Mayhem
(@MsMaggieMayhem) is a San Francisco-based former sex worker, current full spectrum doula, and harm reduction activist
Conor McGarrigle
(@_stunned) is an artist and Assistant Professor in Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver.
Joanne McNeil
(@jomc) is a writer interested in the ways that technology is shaping art, politics, and society. She is a digital arts writing fellow at the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation. Recently she was an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam. She created the Emotional Labor Chrome/Gmail extension.
Laura Meadows
(@A_L_Meadows) s a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research focuses on the intersection of digital media, political communication, and social movements.
Kate Miltner
(@katemiltner) is a Research Consultant in the Social Media Collective at Microsoft Research New England. Her research focuses on trivialized online cultural and creative practices.
Tyson Mitman
(@eviltyson) is a Ph.D. candidate in Drexel University's Communication, Culture and Media program whose interests lie in the areas of subjectivity, subculture studies, visual culture, the construction of identity, issues of public space, theories of democracy, and graffiti.
Jason Q. Ng
(@jasonqng) is a research fellow at the University of Toronto’s The Citizen Lab and author of Blocked on Weibo: What Gets Suppressed on China’s Version of Twitter (And Why).
Ofer Nordheimer Nur
teaches at the Gender and Women's Studies Program, and the Multidisciplinary Program in the Humanities at Tel Aviv University.
Tolu Odumosu
(@todumosu) is an Assistant Professor of Science Technology and Society in the Department of Engineering and Society in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia. He studies the various processes by which societies select, adopt and implement large technological systems with an emphasis on digital telecommunication technologies, particularly mobile telephony systems and the Internet.
Dalia Othman
(@DaliaOthman) is a Fellow at the Berkman Center researching online civic engagement in the Arab World, as well as media's impact and discource on a variety of news stories. When not researching online activism, she works on data storytelling and civic tech literacy.
Jay Owens
(@hautepop) is a social media researcher in London and New York, working on how people, bots, brands and media interact across the social web.
Amy Papaelias
(@fontnerd) is an Assistant Professor of Art at SUNY New Paltz with research interests in interactive typography and the digital humanities.
Kirsty Park
(@kirstyshark) is an Irish PhD student from Dublin City University who is interested in researching the intersections of sexuality, the internet and youth culture.
Mitch Patrick
is an artist working in digital fabrication and video – he makes art about the function of pixels, typography, technical images, and computer culture.
Anthony Pellicone
(@apellicone) is a second year PhD student studying the intersections of games, culture, learning and technology.
Joel Penney
(@professorpenney) is an Assistant Professor of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University, where his current research focuses on political expression and mobilization via social media platforms.
Michael Pepi
(@mikepepi) writes about art, theory, and digital technology.
Lindsay Poirier
(@lindsaypoirier) is a M.S./PhD student in Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, exploring the binds of structure in collaborative online data practices.
Laura Portwood-Stacer
(@lportwoodstacer) is the author of Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism (Bloomsbury, 2013) and a number of works on "media refusal." She currently teaches at NYU and serves as co-editor of Feminist Media Studies' Commentary & Criticism section.
Hector Postigo
(@hectorpostigo) is Associate Professor of Media Studies and Production at the School of Media and Communication, Temple University.
Timothy Recuber
(@timr100) is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Smith College. His work focuses on media representations of disaster, death, and crisis. He is the author of Consuming Catastrophe: Mass Culture in America's Decade of Disaster, and his work has appeared in journals such as New Media & Society, Contexts, the American Behavioral Scientist, and Research Ethics.
Olivia Rosane
(@orosane) is a contributing editor at the State and the co-curator of Murmuration, an online Festival of Drone Culture. She is interested in the intersection of art, technology, and ethics.
Heather Rosenfeld
(@brainvom) is a geography graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research is on participatory digital technologies, environmental justice, and feminist geography, some of which she communicates through comics, zines, and maps.
Rachel Rosenfelt
(@rachelrosenfelt) is co-founder and publisher of The New Inquiry. She is also Associate Director of the Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism MA program at the New School for Social Research.
Adam Rothstein
(@Interdome) is an insurgent archivist and writes about politics, media, art, and technology wherever he can get a signal.
Rotem Rozental
(@rotroz) is a photo-historian, curator and writer, currently pursuing her PhD in the Art History Department of Binghamton University. Her research examines nationalism, cultural technologies and the formation of Israel, focusing on photographic archives. She writes exhibition reviews for, edits The SIP Blog and is the online editorial director of the Jerusalem Season of Culture.
Eleanor Saitta
(@Dymaxion) is a nomadic hacker with a vocation of understanding how complex systems fail and redesigning them to fail better.
Jillet Sarah Sam
is a recent PhD graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park. She studies how communities use the new media to articulate cultural desires. She has just wrapped up a dissertation on social geography and new media, by focusing on the spatial imaginaries on a caste-based social network.
Alice Samson
(@theclubinternet) works in Internet policies in our nation's capital while writing her grad school thesis about teenage girls and social media.
Aakash Sastry
(@aakashsastry) is a teenager in New York interested in people, technology, and food.
Molly Sauter
(@OddLetters) is a PhD student at McGill University in Montreal, studying disruptive activism and the politics of technology. She is the author of The Coming Swarm: DDoS Actions, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience on the Internet, published by Bloomsbury.
Patrick Sharbaugh
(@psharbaugh) is a wary technologist who writes, teaches, and follows Asian Internet culture at from his lairs in Saigon and Melbourne.
Wesley Shumar
(@shumarw) is a Professor and Department Head at Drexel University in the Department of Culture & Communication.
David Peter Simon
(@davidpetersimon) is an ethnographer and blogger based in London.
Shannon Sindorf
(@shannonsindorf) recently received a PhD in media studies from the University of Colorado. She researches political talk conducted via social media, deliberative democracy theory, the American West, and popular culture.
Alex Singh
(@automaticyes) is an artist and creative director working between technology and the arts.
Jay Springett
(@thejaymo) is a Musician, Researcher & Luddite: He curates the stacktivism tumblr, is the co-designer of the visual language of SCIM (Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps) and 1/3 co-founded The Thought Menu - a DIY nomadic talks series based in London.
Joseph Staten
(@joseph_staten) is a Master's student in Liberal Studies at the New School for Social Research.
Neal Stimler
(@nealstimler) takes an interdisciplinary approach to humanistic scholarship that is informed by art history, cultural studies, digital technology and sociology.
David Paul Strohecker
(@dpsFTW) is a fourth year PhD student who studies cultural change, conflict, and social theory, with an emphasis on the relationships between the media, consumerism, and deviant subcultures. He was a regular contributor for Cyborgology and a former chair for Theorizing the Web. He is currently doing an extended ethnography of the tattoo subculture of consumption post-reality TV.
Helen Stuhr-Rommereim
(@helencopter) is a writer and an editor at Full Stop magazine. She lives in Philadelphia.
Susana Galán
(@susanitalimu) is a PhD student in Women's and Gender Studies & indefatigable researcher of online and offline spaces for feminist practices in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Fredrika Thelandersson
(@fredrikaaa) is a PhD student in Media Studies at Rutgers University, her research interests include online feminist activism, "selfie-culture," and mediated constructions of self.
Brian Thill
(@Brian_Thill) is Assistant Professor of English at BCC/CUNY and the author of the book Waste, among many other things.
Shane Tilton
(@silnan) is an Assistant Professor at Ohio Northern University & Kenneth Harwood Dissertation award winner who also happens to be an "academic hobo"/polymath/bon vivant/doctor of philosophy.
Una Tanović
(@unatanovic) is a fifth-year doctoral student and teaching associate in the Comparative Literature program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst whose research focuses on digital culture, migrant writing, and the ideology of translation.
Angela Kristin VandenBroek
(@akvbroek) worked as a web designer and developer for six years after completing her MA in Anthropology. Now, she is a PhD student at Binghamton University studying digital design and development in Sweden. She writes things for her blog, How to be an Anthropologist.
Stéphane Vial
(@svial) is an Associate Professor at the University of Nîmes and a Researcher at the Sorbonne Paris 1 University dealing with Phenomenology of Technology and Philosophy of Design.
Benjamen Walker
(@benjamenwalker) has made radio for leading news organizations like the BBC and NPR, as well as experimental radio stations like WFMU. Currently he produces and hosts the podcast Theory of Everything. He is a founding member of Radiotopia, a public radio podcast network that is creating a new model for funding and delivering audio content.
Tricia Wang
(@triciawang) is a global tech ethnographer transforming the way the world does research.
Annie Wang
(@annieyilingwang) is an interactive designer and art director living in Minneapolis by way of Los Angeles. Wakes up for breakfast.
Sara M. Watson
(@smwat) is a technology critic and a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. Her work explores how people are learning to live with, understand, and interpret data. Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Al Jazeera America, and Wired.
Apryl Williams
(@AprylW) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Susquehanna University. Her research focuses on race, gender, popular culture, identity, social media, and technology.
Meagan Winkelman
(@Meag_Winkelman) is an MA student at the University of Oregon. Their current research focuses on the construction and experience of intimacy through the discursive processes of blogging, paying specific attention to digital art and digitally-rendered material culture on Tumblr.
Lynette Yorgey Winslow
(@yorglow) is mere weeks away from completing her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Psychology at Lesley University, where she has been involved in research on girlhood and digitally mediated identity development.
Elizabeth Wissinger
(@betsywiss) is a Professor of Fashion Studies and Sociology at the City University of New York. She is a faculty member of the Masters of Arts and Liberal Studies program at the Graduate School and University Center and the Department of Social Sciences at BMCC/CUNY.
Wendy Wong
(@wendyhwong) is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Trudeau Center for Peace, Conflict, and Justice at the University of Toronto.
Andrea Zeffiro
(@AndreaZeffiro) is a researcher and writer whose work intersects emerging technologies and art activism.
Iskandar “izul” Zulkarnain
(@zhoel13) is a doctoral candidate in visual and cultural studies at the University of Rochester. His dissertation project focuses on digital media cultures and nationalism in Indonesia.

committee members

Nathan Jurgenson
Co-Founder and Co-Chair
(@nathanjurgenson) is a social media theorist, Editor in Chief of Real Life magazine, co-founder of Cyborgology, and researcher at Snapchat.
David A. Banks
(@da_banks) David A. Banks is a visiting assistant professor of geography & planning at the University at Albany, SUNY. He regularly contributes to Real Life under his "Building to Code" column where he writes about how we live among cities and each other. He is an editor for Cyborgology and a co-host of the Ironweeds podcast.
Jeremy Antley
(@jsantley) has a PhD in Russian History, but spends most of his time writing about board games and their use of historical thinking in design. His work can be found at First Person Scholar, Real Life, and The New Inquiry.
Whitney Erin Boesel
(@weboesel) Whitney Erin Boesel is an independent researcher and freelance editor whose work focuses primarily on the sociology of health, medicine, and technology. Her writing has appeared in TIME, The New Inquiry, Cyborgology, and Huffington Post; she is also the Production Manager for Theorizing the Web Presents.
Jenny L. Davis
(@Jenny_L_Davis) is on faculty in the School of Sociology at the Australian National University and co-editor of the Cyborgology blog. She works at the intersection of new technologies and social psychology.
Tanya Lokot
(@tanyalokot) is an Assistant Professor at the School of Communications, Dublin City University. Her research and writing focus on the interplay between digital media and civic actors in the context of augmented protest. She also writes about internet freedom, censorship and internet governance in Ukraine and Russia.
Sunny Moraine
(@dynamicsymmetry) is a writer and podcaster whose work has appeared in places like, Clarksworld, and Lightspeed; their fiction collection Singing With All My Skin and Bone is available from Undertown Publications. They are a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Maryland-College Park and will be finishing up their dissertation any day now. Seriously.
pj rey
(@pjrey) is a sociology PhD candidate at the U. of Maryland. His research centers on sex work, carework, and digitally-mediated intimacy, and he is currently doing interviews for a dissertation on sex camming. He is also a co-founder of the Cyborgology blog.