Friday 25 April

12:30PM–1:45PM ET Session 1

Studio A #a1

Tales From the Script: Infrastructures and Design

Michael Connor
Karen Levy
The Myth of the End User
Sebastian Benthall
Designing Digital Publics for Participatory Parity
Angela VandenBroek
Tweeting Sweden: Complicating Anthropology through the Analysis of the World's Most Democratic Twitter Account
R. Stuart Geiger
Successor Systems: Enacting Ideological Critique Through the Development of Software
Studio B #b1

World Wide Web(s): Theorizing the Non-Western Web

Jillet Sarah Sam
David Peter Simon
The Do-Gooder Industrial Complex?
Jason Q. Ng
Fit for Public Display: Rethinking Censorship via a Comparison of Chinese Wikipedia with Hudong and Baidu Baike
Tolu Odumosu
Phoning the Web: A Critical Examination of Web Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa
Dalia Othman
Social Media, Activism and the Middle East
Studio C #c1

Small Data: Big Trends in the Little Ns

Tricia Wang
Timothy Recuber
Commemorating the Self: Online Suicide Notes as Cultural Artifacts
Molly Kalan
co-authored by
Expressions of Grief on Facebook: Navigating Discomfort, Persistent Identity, and Public Memorialization
Lesley Gourlay
The Digital, Critique and Utopian Fantasies

2:00PM–3:15PM ET Session 2

Studio A #a2

Screenplay: Nations, Ideologies, and the Games They Play

Jeremy Antley
Cameron Kunzelman
Videogames Are Alive and They Live On the Internet
Catherine Goodfellow
Games of (Russian) Empire: Cultural Proximity and Video Game Ideology in Eastern Europe
Daniel Joseph
What Does a Materialist Account of a Ludic Century Look Like? or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love CounterStrike: Global Operations
Studio B #b2

Meetspace: Rethinking Public Spheres

Dara Byrne, Laura Norén, Alex Leavitt, ,
Dara Byrne
Digilante Culture
Laura Norén
Ritual Online: Anthropological Theory for Social Media
Alex Leavitt
co-authored by
Visibility, Accountable Infrastructures, and the Failure of Networked Collaboration in Reddit’s /r/findbostonbombers
Studio C #c2

Suggestive Results: Algorithms, Information, and Control

Sara M. Watson

Algorithmic Regulation of Queer of Color Cultural Production
John Cheney-Lippold
Jus Algoritmi: The NSA’s Algorithmic Citizenship and Foreignness
Rebecca Lieberman
Visually Similar Imgs and the Poetics of Search
Michael Pepi
The Postmodernity of Big Data

3:30PM–4:45PM ET Session 3

Studio A #a3

Consensual Hallucination: Fantasy in Public Life

Benjamen Walker
Lauren Burr
Doing It Wrong On Purpose: The Creative Misuse of Social Media

“Playable” Nationalism: Nusantara Online and the Gamic Reconstruction of National History
Molly Sauter
co-authored by Aaron Knochel
An Exploration of Civic Fiction: A Gay Girl in Damascus and the Cosmopolitan Romance of the Digital Bridge Figure
Studio B #b3

Wa$ted: The Making and Unmaking of Commodities

Mél Hogan
Out of Site & Out of Mind: A (Speculative) Historiography of Techno-trash
Brian Thill
co-authored by Tyson Mitman
Tab-Flab, Dry Docs, Fave-Holes: On Digital Wastelands
Heather Rosenfeld
Plug Into Choice? The Neoliberal Environmental Justice of Smart Electricity Technologies
Studio C #c3

Casual Encounters: Sex, Sexuality, and Intimacy

Alyce Currier
Justus Harris
Visions of Desire: Technologies of the Oppressed & Tools for [R]evolution
Maggie Mayhem
NotYourRescueProjects: The Red Light District Speaks
Kevin Geyer
Doing Digital Gender: A Multi-Level Analysis of Gendered Behavior and Masculinities in Virtual Space
Julian Gill-Peterson
The Unruliness of the Cyberbully: Governing the Sexual Child Online

4:45PM–6:00PM ET Food / Social Break

6:00PM–7:30PM ET Plenary 1

Studio C #f1

Sex Work and the Web

Melissa Gira Grant
Emma Caterine, Hawk Kinkaid, , Stoya,


7:45PM–9:00PM ET Plenary 2

Studio C #f2

TMI: Theorizing Big Data

Zeynep Tufekçi
Kate Crawford, Winter Mason, ,


9:30PM ET Social @ South 4th Bar & Cafe

11:00PM ET Radio Dispatch Live

Tuesday 26 April

12:00AM–12:00AM ET Setup

12:00AM ET Doors Open

10:00AM–11:15AM ET Session 4

Studio A #a4

Remix: Refashioning the Web Through Art

Peter Dobey
Benjamin Grosser
What Do Metrics Want? Facebook Demetricator and the Easing of Prescribed Sociality
Megan Bigelow
RGB: You and Me
Meagan Winkelman
Perfoming Technological Camp in Animated Gifs on Tumblr
Conor McGarrigle
The Data of Vine
Studio B #b4

Gone Viral: All Watched Over by Memes of Loving Grace

Patrick Sharbaugh, Joel Penney, ,
Patrick Sharbaugh
Lulz Will Find a Way: How Meme Culture Is Empowering Civic Engagement in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Joel Penney
Meme Warriors and Media Viruses: Theorizing the Persuasive Political Power of the Web

Virality, Uncreativity, and the End of Self-Expression
Studio C #c4

Reality Bytes: Beyond On/Offline

Shane Tilton
Susana Galán
co-authored by Susan Matt
co-authored by Stéphane Vial
The Web as a Shopping Mall: Exclusiveness of Access, Surveillance, Gender-Mingling, and Protest in Saudi Arabia’s Online and Offline Semipublic Spaces
Thomas Conner
Virtual Pop Stars and the Digitization of Performance

11:30AM–12:45PM ET Session 5

Studio A #a5

Pics: Sex and the Selfie

Rotem Rozental
Anne Burns
Disciplining the Duckface: Online Photographic Regulation as a form of Social Control
Ofer Nur
The Quest for the “Real”: Erotic Selfies, In-depth Interviews and the Transformation of the Gay Pornographic Landscape after Web 2.0
Apryl Williams
Selfie Love: Exploring Notions of Self and Ethnicity on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Molly Crabapple
Tweeting From Amongst the Corpses
Studio B #b5

Unique Visitors: The Economics of Attention

Karen Gregory
Sand Avidar-Walzer
The Exposure Economy and the Ethics of Collective Protest
Poe Johnson
Digitized Skin: Race in the Fandom Era
Kirsty Park
No consent needed - The ethics of sharing embarrassing content online in Irish culture
Nathan Fisk
“…when no one is hearing them swear” - Internet Safety as Pedagogy of Surveillance
Studio C #c5

Streetview: space, place, and geography

Joanne McNeil
Tim Hwang
An Urban Geography of the Web Industry
Sarah Jaffray
Aesthetic Action: Instagram’s Technogeographies of Resistance
Mathias Crawford
Procedural Communities: Post-War Los Angeles and the Rise of the Network Self
Jay Springett
Colonising the Clouds. Infrastructure Territory and the Geopolitics of the Stacks

12:45PM–2:00PM ET Lunch Break

2:00PM–3:15PM ET Session 6

Studio A #a6

a/s/l: Identity and Self-Performance

Alice Marwick
Nora Madison
New Mediations of Bisexuality: Technologies of Visibility Online
Helen Stuhr-Rommereim
WHEN I WRITE TO YOU: Lennay Kekua, @horse_ebooks, and the Precarious Promise of Inventing Subjectivities Online
Elizabeth Wissinger
Fashion Modeling and the Entanglements of Glamor
Studio B #b6

Ref(user): Movements of Resistance

Jay Owens
Fredrika Thelandersson
co-authored by
co-authored by Hector Postigo
Subversive Online Identities – Tumblr, Feminism, and the Radical Potential of Unrestricted Social Network Sites
Studio C #c6

Discipline and Publish: The New Politics of Publishing

Rachel Rosenfelt
Ana Cecilia Alvarez
Tumblr Grrrl: On Feminism and Digital Publishing
Joseph Staten
Rethinking the Thinkpiece
Matthew Clair
Rethinking Technology and Culture: Digital Technologies and Neoliberalism in the Literary Field
Mathias Klang
Is that your book? The impact of e-books on culture

3:30PM–4:45PM ET Session 7

Studio A #a7

The New Flesh: Bodies and Biopolitics

Steven Losco
Leigh-Anne Goins
Theorizing PostRacial Conversations: QuvenzhanéWallis Oscars2013
Deanna Day
Unpacking Cyborg Fertility: Natural Family Planning and the Quantified Self
Nadav Assor
Building a More Perfect Drone
Una Tanović
The Posthuman Condition in New Media Art and Electronic Literature
Studio B #b7

Mobilized: Actors and Activism

Malcolm Harris
Elizabeth Saldaña
“That’s Never Going to Work Here” – Social Media Mobilization in Kathmandu, Nepal
Laura Meadows
Queering Dixie: Movement Micro-publics and the Southern LGBT Movement
Laura Portwood-Stacer
Free Labor on Strike?
Adrienne Massanari
“Why are all of you such assholes?” ShitRedditSays, Gender, and Counterperformance on reddit
Studio C #c7

–––⁂–(⊗__⊗)–⁂–––: Drones, for better or worse

stephanie laudone

6:30PM–8:30PM ET Social