Friday 15 April

12:30PM–1:45PM ET Session 1

Studio A #a1

(In)visibility is a Trap

Erhardt Graeff
Ingrid Burrington
The Internet of Cops: A Political Economy of Networked Policing
Ada Cable
Photography, power and context: protest photography, stealing selfies and why cops are never on camera

co-authored by Luke Stark
Policing the Futures: Algorithms, Embodiment and Racial Capitalism under the Domain Awareness System®
Studio B #b1

The Feel World

Joanne McNeil
Hannah Barton
In-jokes on the internet: an interpretation of memes as online vernacular discourse

When Worlds Collide: Tumblr, Reddit, and the Convergence of Online Spaces
Samantha Shorey
All The Feels: Expressing the Personal/Political on the Tumblr Platform
Emma Velez
Intimate Publics and Ephemerality, Snapchat: A Case Study
Studio C #c1

Cache Flow

McKenzie Wark
Zac Zimmer
Bitcoin and Potosí Silver: Historical Perspectives on Cryptocurrency
Trebor Scholz
Platform Cooperativism vs. the Sharing Economy
Andrea Hunter
Crowdfunding, Crackstarter and Changing Journalistic Norms
Reuben Binns
Is selling your own data the answer to our privacy concerns?

2:00PM–3:15PM ET Session 2

Studio A #a2

Watched Out

Tara Das
Clara Berridge, , Benjamin Grosser, ,
Clara Berridge
Breathing room in monitored space? Privacy in the passive monitoring of older adults

Paranoia and Contemporary Surveillance
Benjamin Grosser
Privacy Through Visibility: Disrupting NSA Surveillance With Algorithmically Generated 'Scary' Stories

Legibility Projects and Illegibility Strategies in the Digital World
Studio B #b2

Writers’ Block

Deanna Havas
Megan Bigelow
Hello World: Scribblings from the Top/All Collective
Paul Soulellis
Performing Publishing: Infrathin Tales from the Printed Web
Zara Dinnen
Alyssa Milano’s Hacktavist and other hacker super stories
Milena Popova
Between the kiss and the morning after: the role of online erotic fanfiction in the cultural (re)construction of consent
Studio C #c2

Code Queering

Molly Sauter

Viral Martyrs: Gender identity, race and the digital construction of victimhood
Max Thornton
Cyborg Selves In Transgender Communities Online
Dorothy Howard
Gynoids and Geminoid: Falling in Love With Machines
Fuck Theory
Fucking Privacy: Reflections on the Past and Future of Digital Sexual Culture

3:30PM–4:45PM ET Session 3

Studio A #a3

Racial Standpoints

Mary Grace Lao
Kyra Gaunt
The Bottomlines Project: YouTube, Segregation and Black Girls' Digital 'Net Worth (or Framing 175 Years of Broadcasting While You Twerk)
Julia Michiko Hori
Reclining in the Archive: Mass Tourism, TripAdvisor®, and the Jamaican Great House Museum
Louis Philippe Römer
Facebook Demons, Online Carnivalesque, and Trickster Prostitutes: Caribbean Visions of Digital Dystopia
Mikhel Proulx
Digital Natives: Indigenous Cultures on the Early Web
Studio B #b3

Multiple Displays: Postures and Poses

Numi Prasarn
Whitney Mallett
Dress Codes: Thinking about Luxury and Privacy in a Post-Wearables World
Elizabeth Wissinger
Wearing Our Hearts on Our Sleeves: Wearable Tech and the Future of Digital Human Interface
Brooke Duffy
Social Media’s Reliance on Aspirational Labor
Autumn Whitefield-Madrano
Real Women Post Curves: Social Media and the Therapeutic Narrative of Beauty
Studio C #c3

Version 1.0

Sophia Drakopoulou
Geoff Shullenberger
The Birth of the Algorithmic Author
Annie Rudd
Victorians Living in Public: Photography as Social Media in the 1860s
Patrick Davison
On the American Chain Letter as Forgotten Precursor to Social Media
Gal Beckerman
Forget Facebook, Bring Back Samizdat

6:00PM–7:15PM ET Session 4

Studio A #a4

Invited Panel | Under Its Spell: Magic, Machines, and Metaphors

Melissa Gira Grant
Studio B #b4

: Photography and Visual Cultures

Benjamen Walker
Brian Creech
Technology, power, and representation: Interrogating the cell phone camera
Molly Crabapple
Photography and The Cached Self
Oliver David
Conspiracy Theory 2.0: Photographic Practices in Conspiracy Theories following the Boston Marathon Bombing
Pamela Liou
Face In Extremis
Annamarie O’Brien
Nofilter: Text Messages, Subjectivity, and the Indexical Role of Screenshots

7:30PM–8:45PM ET Keynote Panel 1

Studio A #k1

Music and the Web

Sasha Geffen


9:00PM ET Unorganized Social

Saturday 16 April

11:00AM ET Doors Open

12:30PM–1:45PM ET Session 5

Studio A #a5

The Truth is Out There

Michael Connor
Kamala Sankaram
On the Internet and the Third Orality: How the Internet is changing the way we comprehend.
Timothy Recuber
The Postman Keeps Ringing: Reconsidering the Problem of Information and Action in the Online Age
Chris Speed
Towards a 'Moral Economy of Copyright Infringement': Academic Paywalls, Freedom of Information, and The Case of pdftribute
Emily Ming Yao
No Pic No Proof, or Image, Testimony and Truth-telling in the Era of the Networked Lens
Studio B #b5

Here Comes Every Body

Dorothy Santos
Apryl Williams
Fat People of Color: Creating counter-narratives online
Legacy Russell
Elsewhere, After the Flood: Glitch Feminism and the Genesis of Glitch Body Politic
Emily Bick
Virtual agents: enforcing gender
Mariam Naziripour
Craft of Beauty: Makeup after the Internet
Studio C #c5

Missed Connections

Ellen Foster
Jason Farman
Material Realities of Mobile Internet Culture: Production, Consumption, and E-Waste
An Xiao Mina
Like Water From a Well: Breaking Down the Connectivity Binary for the Next Billion Internet Users
tante (Jürgen Geuter)
Emerging social rules happening while using the tool 'wrong' - Dark Twitter
Shawna Finnegan
(Dis)connected: exploring the impact of networked shame

2:00PM–3:15PM ET Session 6

Studio A #a6

Protocol Me Maybe

Sands Fish
Emma Stamm
Wait, What?: Interface Hacks as Awareness-Raising Tools
Daniel Luxemburg
The Politics of Programming Paradigms: Comparing Functional and Object-Oriented Coding Practices
Burcu Baykurt
The Politics of Speeding Up: Imagining Hyper-Futures in a Gigabit City
Angela VandenBroek
Aligned Anxieties: Rethinking Critiques of the Internet through the Anxieties of Web Professionals
Studio B #b6


Amanda Hess
Alison Annunziata
Love and Terror in the Digital Age
Caroline Sinders
Twitter Has a UX Problem
Thomas Rousse
Crowdsourcing Justice? The Peer Production of Moral Judgment in Online Communities
Sky Croeser
Online governance without liberal theory
Studio C #c6

Invited Panel | Meme, Medium, Mode

Jason Eppink, , ,
Jason Eppink
A brief history of the GIF (so far)

co-authored by
It's supposed to look like shit: The Internet Ugly Aesthetic

3:30PM–4:45PM ET Session 7

Studio A #a7

Living with Algorithms

Solon Barocas
The Alterity of Algorithms
Daniel Rourke
Synthetic Subjects
Natalie Kane
Ghost Stories: Haunted by Algorithms
Nick Seaver
Traps: Algorithms and the Anthropology of Technology
Studio B #b7

Creating Normal: On Diversity of Ability

Sean Gray
Kevin Gotkin, , ,
Kevin Gotkin
Crip/Glitch: Disability and Mediation

co-authored by
Techno-Autism: Confronting the Ableist Ideals in Media Criticism
Studio C #c7

Lockscreen: Control and Resistance

Joel Penney
Harry Halpin
Only Cryptography Can Save Us: The Next Hundred 'Twitter Revolutions'
Ted Perlmutter
From TwitterRevolution to Mediated Publics
Raven Rakia
Beyond The Frame: the anti-police movement's dependency on visual images

4:45PM–6:00PM ET Food / Social Break

6:00PM–7:15PM ET Keynote Panel 2

Studio A #k2

Algorithms as Social Control

Jason Wilson

9:00PM–12:00AM ET Afterparty at the Verso Loft