Friday 15 April

NOON–1:15PM ET Session 1

Room A #a1

Transitioning Identity

Katherine Cross
Junior Dare
Accumulating Names: The Poetry of Prismatic Identity as Hot Process not Hot Mess
Corey Gilmore
GPOY, or Gendered Presentation of Yourself: What Transgender Selfies Do For the Transgender Self
Brian Callahan
Diverse Be-longings: Trans Hacker Collectives as New Sites of Tech Diversity Understandings
Rachel Stonecipher
'How to Be Gay' on Autostraddle: The New Separatism and Counterpublic Strategy
Room B #b1

Site Seeing

Whitney Mallett
Chris Peterson
Imagining an Internet Worth Filtering: Mapping the Geography of Censorship in Alabama Public Schools and Libraries
Jonathan Karp
The Right to Rename
Matthew Tiessen
Big Data and the Digital Remediation of Human/Nature Relations
Shannon Sindorf
Guns and the myth of the post-geographic web
Room C #c1

Hack the Planet

Michael Connor
Tyler Tracy
co-authored by R. Stuart Geiger
Materializing Crypto-Anarchy: Political Economy at the Intersection of 3D Printing and Digital Piracy
Laura Norén
Quitting “Toxic Open Source Communities”: Towards a theory of disengagement among regular Open Source contributors
Emma Stamm
Block Party People: Off The (Bitcoin) Chain

1:30PM–2:45PM ET Session 2

Room A #a2

Posthuman Nature

Jeremy Antley
Morgan Morel
Type AMEN if you believe! Embodied Belief and the Digital Mediation of Religious Fervor
Carmel Vaisman
'Forget What You Know About Disability': How Cyborg & Transhuman discourses are reconfiguring disability
Minka Stoyanova
co-authored by David Shane Smith
21st Century Feminism is Cyborgism
Room B #b2

Far Sighted

Chris Gilliard
Karen Levy
Refractive Surveillance: New Data Ecologies in the Workplace
Karina Russ
On Being Warrant Proof
Matthew Crain
The transparency trap: Data brokers and the limits of consumer empowerment
Joan Donovan
The Ferguson Effect
Room C #c2

In Formation

Caroline Sinders
Eve Ahearn, , Nick Seaver, ,
Eve Ahearn
Locating the Person in Personal Data: A Comparison of Open Government Data Implementation in the U.S. and the U.K.

Algorithmic Taste Makers: Reworking the Concept of Cultural Intermediaries for the Digital Age
Nick Seaver
co-authored by
Totemic Operators

3:00PM–4:15PM ET Session 3

Room A #a3

Get Real

Austin Brown
Meredith Salisbury
The #nofilter self: The contest for authenticity among social networking sites, 2003-2015
Eman Shahata
You Can’t Chat with Us
Joseph Reagle
Geek Policing: Fake Geek Girls and Contested Attention
Heather Holmes
Image Pruning in the Digital Ecology
Room B #b3

Near Sighted

Lauren Burr
Natalie Saltiel
co-authored by Maggie Mayhem
Digital Witness: Trust and Surveillance in Interpersonal Relationships
Tony Liao
The New Augmented Labor: The Shifting Promise of Wearable Augmented Reality to Industrial/Enterprise Applications
Ruth Tsuria
"Dear Rabbi, I can’t stop Masturbating" – The Construction and Negotiation of Gender and Sexual Norms in Orthodox Jewish Online Discourse
Room C #c3

Screen Grab

Tanya Lokot
Mahsa Alimardani
Repertoires of Online Activism for the Women's Movement
Izul Zulkarnain
"Nationalistic Networked Publics": The Use of Social Media as a Nationalistic Platform in Indonesia
Achim Koh
co-authored by Lil Miss Hot Mess
The Year 2015 in Korean Online Feminism: Two Movements Against Misogyny

6:00PM–7:30PM ET Keynote Panel 1

Redstone Theater #k1

Chill Theory

Rob Horning

7:30PM–9:00PM ET Keynote Panel 2

Redstone Theater #k2

Automated Personality

Jenny L. Davis

9:00PM–10:30PM ET Party

Saturday 16 April

11:00AM ET Doors Open

NOON–1:15PM ET Session 4

Room A #a4

1099 Problems

Brooke Erin Duffy
Female Entrepreneurship in the Digital Economy: Worker Subjectivities Refracted through an Instagram Filter
Niels van Doorn
Overworked and Underpaid: On the gendered and racialized exploitation of low-wage service workers in our ascendant 'gig economy'
Lucas G. Pinheiro
The Absent Factory: Rethinking Marxist Theories of Informational Capitalism
Emily Hund
Audience metrics and creative labor
Room B #b4

Gif Economies

Sha Hwang
Lyle St
im stressed about making this video: Performing a Body of Knowledge in YouTube Makeup Tutorials
Anastasia Tuazon
Queering Narcissism: Reinterpreting the Politics of Self-Imaging in Feminist Art
Penelope Papailias
HumanityWashedAshore: Social media memorials and the politics of affect online
Tim Highfield
On (the) loop: The animated GIF and cultural logics of repetition

1:30PM–2:45PM ET Session 5

Room A #a5

White Balance

Apryl Williams
Larkin Hiott
Remediating Feminized Whiteness: The Racial Politics of YouTube “Boy Beauty” Vlogs
Aria Dean
White People Be Like: Race and the Instagram Meme
Sara Lillo
Culture of Image-Makers: College Partiers' Constructions of Physical Experiences in the Digital World
Ludmila Lupinacci
Bitter about Glitter: Brazilians’ hatred towards sparkly animated GIFs as a manifestation of ethnocentrism
Room B #b5

Sound Logic

Terence Hannum
Elizabeth Newton
The Mixed Metaphors of Digital Music Content
Paula Harper
'UNMUTE THIS': Ubiquitous Listening and Vernacular Media Theory
Room C #c5

Politics of Platforms

Whitney Erin Boesel
Geoff Shullenberger
Mimetic Desire and Venture Capital: René Girard, Peter Thiel, and the Uses of Theory
Alex Worrad-Andrews
What Does Facebook Want From React?
Kendra Albert
Put Down the Talismans: Abuse-Handling Systems, Legal Regimes and Design

Textual Community: Finding Belonging in the Manosphere

3:00PM–4:15PM ET Session 6

Room A #a6

Infinite Scroll

Marcella Szablewicz
Winning at #Failing: The Viral Appeal of Loser Culture in Urban China
Anna Jobin
Year in Search: relevance and limitations
Scott Wark
The Meme is in Circulation
Samantha Culp
Taobao-haus: Chinese digital aesthetics and global contemporary art
Room B #b6

Hacks of Aggression

Megan Farnel
Archives of Feeling, Archives of Work: On the Feminized, Affective Labours of Gamergate
Stuart Geiger
Moderating harassment in Twitter with blockbots: a counterpublic and algorithmic strategy
Md Nabil
From sex tapes to revenge porn: Construction of a genre
Natalie Kane
All's Well That Means Well
Room C #c6

Invited Panel | Server Farm to Data Table

Ingrid Burrington

4:15PM–6:00PM ET Food / Social Break

6:00PM–7:30PM ET Keynote Panel 3

Redstone Theater #k3

Cool Story


7:30PM–9:00PM ET Keynote Panel 4

Redstone Theater #k4

The Virality of Evil

stephanie laudone