Aaaannddd registration is closed! If you would still like to drop by the Museum of the Moving Image please do! Just go to the front desk and pay the usual museum entrance fee. See you there!

EVERYONE attending TtW19 should register, including those planning on watching the live stream.

Conferences can get expensive and not everyone can afford them. So instead of a fixed fee, TtW is pay what you can. If you are attending you should contribute whatever you deem fair and can afford, minimum $1. We use this money to buy attendees food and drinks during the event and to cover making programs, maintaining the website and video archives, and all the other fun stuff that happens at conferences. You can also opt to volunteer before, after, or during the conference instead of a registration fee. If you do not register before April 11th we will ask you to visit the Museum of the Moving Image information desk and pay the full museum admission price.

Registering means that you agree to our anti-harassment policy.

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