Friday 16 October

10:00AM ET Doors Open

NOON–1:15PM ET Session 1

Studio A #A1

Rage Against the Machines

Danny Spitzberg
Priya Prabhakar
“Dekh Rahe”: Regimes of Biometric Technology Surveillance in Building Hindutva and Reifying Caste Purity in India
Adina Glickstein
Embodied Opacities: Laptop Music as Anti-Surveillance in Holly Herndon’s “Polymorphism”
Mel Dorizata
ABOLISH THE USER: Designing Against the End of History
Megan Aleah Ward
co-authored by Rachel Rothenberg
Gender, Domesticity, and Women-As-Avengers in QAnon
Studio B #B1

Know Body

Apryl Williams
Nitin K. Ahuja
ASMR in the Clinic: Practice Analogs for Analog Practice
Eileen Holowka
Hysterics on Facebook: Posting about Endometriosis
Neal Swisher
Not-Self-Tracking: A Non-Representational Account of Fitness-Tracking
Megan Magray
Lobotomizing the Fertility Hivemind: How Fertility-Tracking Apps Disempower Their Users
Studio C #C1

Spaced Out

Winston Hearn
What is Assistive Tech?
Leo Shaw
Meet Me in the Ball Pit: Pop-up Experiences and Algorithmic Urbanism
Heather Fenby
Old On the Internet
Ingrid Asplund
The Museum of Ice Cream in the Age of Digital Reproducibility

1:30PM–2:45PM ET Session 2

Studio A #A2

Skill Stacks on Stacks

Bryn Nieboer
Nina Medvedeva
Cooperatives Won't Save Tech
Alif Keenan Ibrahim
Software, Scanners and Sharecroppers
Anushah Hossain
Digital Labour, Crowdwork, and Their Open Source Origins
Rob Arcand
Ambient Accumulation: Towards a Political Economy of the Stream
Studio B #B2

For the Gram

Nadya Lev
Annie Rudd
Excavating the Plandid
Kavita Ilona Nayar
The Pursuit of Self-Pleasure: A Study of Gender Performance, Commerce, and Sexual Expression in Adult Webcam Modeling
Emily Hund
Commercializing Instagram, Commercializing Ourselves
Emily Stainkamp
Century of the Selfie: On the Cultural History of Narcissism as a Social Problem
Studio C #C2

Gotta Go Fast

Gabi Schaffzin
Evan Malmgren
Digital Dérive: A Proposal for Mapping Power in Digital Space
Elinor Carmi
Ordering the (Anti)Social: How the Advertising Industry Orders Your Mediated Experience
Jimil Ataman
The Politics and Resistance Practices of Slow Fashion Community Members on Instagram
Jessica Maddox
The Secret Life of Pet Instagrams: Follower Fragmentation, “Warm Fuzzies,” and Digital Care

3:00PM–4:15PM ET Session 3

Studio A #A3

Technologists Can Have a Little Policy, as a Treat

Brenda Dvoskin
Kirsty Park
When Youtube Profits from Kids: The Role of the Media and Regulation in Changing Tech Policy
Jenny Zhang
Trusting the Data Trust: Beyond Data Governance
Rachel Bergmann
Interdisciplinarity and Tech: The Shortcomings of a Political Middle Ground
Andrew Smith
The Criminalization of Social Media: Gang Databases, Risk Assessments, and Bail Reform
Studio C #C3

I Have Seen the Future

Adam Boffa
Web Theory in a Warming World
Adam Willems
Startups Are Like Cults, and We May Be Unwitting Members
Michelle Smirnova
Hacking Bodies and Boundaries: Bodyhackers, Transhumanists, and Self-made Cyborgs
Dave Karpf
The Digital Future, in Retrospect

4:45PM–6:00PM ET Break

6:00PM–7:30PM ET Keynote 1

Redstone Theater #K1

Politics of Design

Johnathan Flowers

7:45PM–9:15PM ET Keynote 2

Saturday 17 October

NOON ET Doors Open

1:30PM–2:45PM ET Session 4

Studio A #A4

Sort By

Ed Summers
Seeing Software: Web Archives and the Forensic Imaginary
Suneel Jethani
Data Provenance as a Mode of Inquiry
Sonja Solomun
co-authored by Judy Heflin
Queer Algorithms and Dis-Ordered Data
Studio B #B4

Don’t Put a Ring On It

Johnathan Flowers
Sun-ha Hong
The Moralisation of Predictivity in the Age of Data-Driven Surveillance
Kalli Retzepi
Citizen App: Selling Surveillance Disguised as Safety
Burc Kostem
Logistical Privatization: Subscription Boxes and Cultural Form
Keli Gabinelli
“What is Nextdoor for?” Spaces of Imagining and Politics of Performing Community
Studio C #C4

Queer Futures

Xiaowei Wang

3:00PM–4:15PM ET Session 5

Studio A #A5

1995: The Year the Internet Broke

Stephanie Monohan
Studio B #B5

On Read

Livia Foldes
Crystal Chokshi
The Speculative Possibilities of Smart Compose
Joseph Meyer
The Politics of Unintention: A Decade of “Showing Your Ass” on the Internet
Marianne Gunderson
The Internet of Eyes – hostile devices in digital horror stories
Brendan Mahoney
Keywords (for Racists)

4:45PM–6:00PM ET Keynote 3

Redstone Theater #K3

Gaining Access

Zachary Kaiser

6:15PM–7:30PM ET Keynote 4

Redstone Theater #K4

Tech as Invasive Species

David A. Banks

7:30PM–10:00PM ET Party!