TtW Presents features live video discussions in partnership with the Museum of the Moving Image — and will hopefully help fill the TtW-shaped hole created when we had to cancel our 2020 conference. Instead of asking folks to spend an entire weekend online with us (which would have been much too Zoom-fatiguing), we reimagined the TtW20 program in a new format for the new world we’re living in. TtW Presents talks happen periodically; some discussions are in the style of our evening keynotes, while others are more like our daytime sessions. The series began on July 16, 2020, and we’ll keep doing it for as long as we can / until it’s okay to pack folks into crowded auditoriums again.

TtW Presents episodes stream live on YouTube. Recordings of past episodes will be available on our website. (You can sign up here to receive reminders about future episodes of TtW Presents.)

We also welcome the TtW Presents audience to hang out and discuss the talks in our new Discord! You can join through this link.