keynote panelists

Mutale Nkonde
(@mutalenkonde) is a policy analyst, based in New York City, working alongside the House Communications and Technology Subcommittee. In 2018 she was named a Data & Society Bridge Fellow where she is writing a report on racial literacy in tech.
Dr. Allissa Richardson
(@drallirich) Allissa V. Richardson, PhD, is an award-winning journalism instructor and scholar who studies how marginalized communities use mobile and social media to produce innovative forms of journalism — especially in times of crisis.
Apryl Williams
(@AprylW) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at Susquehanna University. Her research focuses on race, gender, popular culture, identity, social media, and technology.


Adam Willems
(@functionaladam) Adam Willems studies religion and economy at Union Theological Seminary. They write Divine Innovation, a newsletter on the spiritual world of technology.
Elinor Carmi
(@Elinor_Carmi) Elinor Carmi is a feminist, researcher, journalist and digital rights advocate, who has been working on deviant media, internet standards, sound studies, and internet governance. Her 2nd book Media Distortions: Understanding the Power Behind Spam, Noise and Other Deviant Media will be out in early 2020 on Peter Lang.
Keli L Gabinelli
Keli is an independent scholar, community organizer, and media activist located in Santa Cruz, California. Her work focuses housing and cultural ideals of the home as they intersect with social media and surveillance technologies.
Sun-ha Hong
(@sunhahong) Sun-ha examines speculations and fantasies surrounding big data and smart machines. His book Technologies of Speculation: The limits of knowledge in a data-driven society (NYU Press, 2020) traces shifting standards of knowledge and certainty in the age of data-driven surveillance. Sun-ha is Assistant Professor of Communication at Simon Fraser University.
Zachary Kaiser
(@ZacharyKaiser) is Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Experience Architecture at Michigan State University. His current body of research questions the ideologies embedded in the design of technological products and services with which we interact and the impact of these ideologies on human intersubjectivity.
Jessica Maddox
(@DrMadMaddox) Jess Maddox is an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Creative at the University of Alabama. She researches visual social media, internet video culture, and pop culture, and of course, you can find her dogs on Instagram at @TheMaddDogs.
Emily Stainkamp
(@raym0ndwilliams) Emily Stainkamp is a PhD candidate in Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers University. Her work focuses on social media and subjectivity.

committee members

Jonathan Flowers
(@shengokai) is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Worcester State University. His research focuses on the affective ground of experience and embodiment through American Pragmatism, Phenomenology and East-Asian Philosophy. He also focuses on Pragmatist and cross-cultural approaches to machine intelligence, consciousness, and science and technology studies broadly.